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Special analysis

The seasoned scientists of Intertek develop analytical methods for client-specific needs and are able to offer the most practical and cost-optimized solutions.

Upon inquiry we design, among other things, systems that simulate conditions relevant for your processes. Thereby we choose and align the parameter sets to be tested, so that they emulate the real environment of your interest and optimizations can be proposed.
One example is the so-called „Hot Tube-Test“, which simulates thermal strains of oils under oxidative atmosphere as they may exist in various engines. Other special methods include corrosion testing and system/component failure analysis.

Strengthen your position on the market through our third party analysis services:

  • Solid material analysis (wood, coal, alternative fuels)
  • Monitoring of chemicals during use (damage prevention)
  • Damage analysis (with expert opinions on request)
  • Lubricant analysis (quality control)
  • Lubricant analysis (finding errors in the case of engine failures etc.)
  • Alternative fuels (e.g. pyrolysis oil)
  • Analysis of refrigerants, gases etc.
  • Identification of substances
  • Creation of customer-specific analysis systems

to see how Intertek can help your organization with Special analysis.